Escape, to the Holiday Inn Express Salford

Summer may well be over, but we’re staying in the spirit with this lovely leisure sector project. Blue skies serve as the perfect backdrop to this contemporary new Holiday Inn Express@Salford. Showcasing a contemporary palette of ‘Starlight’ and ‘Cool Medium...

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fotocredit: Giorgi Khmaladze | Project: facade McDonalds & gas station

We're loving it! A futuristic facade for McDonalds.

Impressive aesthetics and efficiency go hand-in-hand with this exceptional project in the heart of Georgia. Given its prominent and pivotal location, architect Giorgi Khmaladze opted for a captivating design which makes the very best use of space. A limited...

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A simple ‘Salt Store’ gets the FunderMax treatment

It’s perhaps always been noted that the French like to do things with a little ‘ je ne sais quoi’ which charms everyone. Call it flamboyance, call it style. We call it the beauty of seeing good, solid design when you see it.

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Dean Trust Academy

FunderMax more than makes the grade for Yorkshire schools.

Re-energised and re-focused... This term, it isn’t just Yorkshire’s pupils who’ve returned refreshed, but the schools themselves. Working in collaboration with distribution partner Vivalda Hull, FunderMax is proud to have played a vital role in revitalising...

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Awesome Design and Fairplay - FunderMax & Teqball

Teqball is a new sport equipment and a new sport based on football. The design of the Teqboard is theoretically developed applying the rules of mathematics and physics that enable a ball to bounce off of all parts of the board so that it can be reached and...

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PLATEAU - outsider's innovation

An innovative outdoor furniture for social interaction as a nice alternative to the traditional picnic table.

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Inspired by STRUCTURE

...STRUCTURE Get inspiration by exploring the visual experience of textured objects.

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Authentic Natura - Inspired by the power of erosion.

When it comes to designing extraordinary landscapes, there is no greater teacher than nature itself. One of the most powerful natural phenomena is the process of erosion. This weathering process creates the most bizarre masterpieces with truly unique and...

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“Fassaden-Funder” (1st place)

TU Vienna Competition 2017 – Innovative Solutions for Small Balconies

Together with start-up Xact Solutions (Wohnbalkon), FunderMax Architecture Students of the TU Vienna were asked to come up with innovative solutions for small balconies - capturing the theme "Living on the Balcony" - in order to inspire new solutions for...

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