Avenida de Ramón Carande, 11, 41013 Sevilla. Photocredit: Curro Casillas

Strong material with a WOW effect.

Modern interior design embodies a harmonious coexistence of design and functionality. In a harmonious space, colours, patterns and surfaces create the perfect a balance. When it comes to the successful creation of functional interior designs, material...

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The modern hospital

To be at the forefront of design and at the same time, meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare sector, presents a tremendous challenge for manufacturers and planners.

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Barcelona's subways showcase FunderMax

Due to its excellent material properties, FunderMax's 'Max Compact Interior' is often used in high traffic and transport infrastructure applications; Vienna airport for instance, and more recently in the metro stations of Barcelona.

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A trailer of smiles

For the past four years Engineering Smiles has been busy developing a project - to help bring smiles to developing countries - where receiving dental treatment is somewhat of a luxury. Thanks to the support of a Tucson start up, ‘Catalina Laboratory...

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Classic white metro tiles for kitchens & bathrooms

Classic white tiles can be found in some of the world's most stylish kitchens and bathrooms... actually made their first appearance in Parisian subways in the early 1900’s. Hence the name ‘metro tiles.’

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Livingroom design. (fotocredit: shutterstock)

Trending Topic: Geometry inspires the living space

Geometry creates clear structures. Effortlessness and staged minimalism deliberately focuses on the essentials and fulfills the desire of humans for safety and order. Within our living spaces, geometric forms and linear elements form the basis for...

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Velvet Design - Velvet, an on-trend fabric for modern interior design.

A well-known material is experiencing a fantastic revival. Velvet has arrived in the living room and has become one of the interior trends of the year 2017. For a long time, the material was regarded as fusty and old-fashioned - a high quality fabric, reserved...

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Graceful design. Powerful performance.

When creating stunning furniture, kitchens and interior spaces, thoughtful design, harmonious colour combinations and striking design are no longer enough. The focus is now on the material itself and their intelligent and multifunctional properties.

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