We love pastel!

PASTEL – Living and designing with colour

Although we are constantly surrounded by colours, and colours represent an important element of our orientation, many people have limited experience of working with colour. However, with a bit of practice, we can learn to use the language of "colour" and...

Get set for a season of colour...

Nature stirs and a blaze of colours begin to gently swirl in front of our eyes.

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PASTEL – Feelings and colour

Colours are perceived differently. Women see colours differently than men, for instance. The context of the space determines perception and makes pastels appear solid in certain situations. Colours are the words of architectural language.

© Auftragsfoto.at/Stefan Sappert

Ecological Showcase Project

Working together – the Eisenstraße Passive House and FunderMax: the project in Neubruck, Scheibbs shows how innovative and sustainable buildings can be created today.

schap!mzamba'16 self-build project by students

FunderMax supports architecture students in the construction of two classrooms at a school in Africa.


Pastel in the everyday sense of the word means colours with a high proportion of white. They have a summery effect and exude freshness and lightness. The subtle and colourful hues impart a stylish, harmonious appearance that is both classy and restrained.

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