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We love it! A futuristic facade for McDonalds.

Impressive aesthetics and efficiency go hand in hand with this extraordinary project in the heart of Georgia. Given the central location, architect Giorgi Khmaladze chose an exciting design that makes optimal use of the available space. The gas station and drive-in take up relatively little space, so as not to interfere with surrounding recreational areas.

The striking geometric shapes of the Max Exterior facade transform this McDonald's restaurant and integrated gas station into an architectural masterpiece. The design continues in the interior. An intelligent layout clearly defines the restaurant and filling station area.

Prokect details

  • Facade: McDonalds & petrol station
  • Country: Georgien
  • Location: Batumi Adresse Sherif Khimshiashvili Street
  • Photocredit: Giorgi Khmaladze
  • Architect: Giorgi Khmaladze
  • Owner: SOCAR