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We're loving it! A futuristic facade for McDonalds.

Impressive aesthetics and efficiency go hand-in-hand with this exceptional project in the heart of Georgia. Given its prominent and pivotal location, architect Giorgi Khmaladze opted for a captivating design which makes the very best use of space. A limited footprint for both the station and ‘drive-thru’ ensures precious recreational areas aren’t impeded upon.

Architecturally, this McDonalds and integrated service station is a real sight to behold - with its gleaming geometric Max Exterior facade. Inside it’s equally as eye-catching, with a smart layout and dedicated areas for dining and service station users.


  • Project Facade McDonalds & gas station
  • Country Georgia City Batumi
  • Address Sherif Khimshiashvili Street
  • Photocredit Giorgi Khmaladze
  • Architect Giorgi Khmaladze
  • Owner SOCAR


  • Max Exterior | F-Quality
  • Surfaces NT Decors 0085 White , 0080 Black
  • Substructure Aluminium
  • Assembly Type Bolted

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