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TU Vienna Competition 2017 – Innovative Solutions for Small Balconies

Together with start-up Xact Solutions (Wohnbalkon), FunderMax Architecture Students of the TU Vienna were asked to come up with innovative solutions for small balconies - capturing the theme "Living on the Balcony" - in order to inspire new solutions for modern living. The winning project was "Façade-Funder", which impressed the jury with its space-wonder concept.

WR. Neudorf, 1 June 2017 | The lower Austrian start-up Xact Solutions (Wohnbalkon) and FunderMax, in collaboration with the Technical University of Vienna, created a competition as part of the course "Subjective Spaces/Space Utopias" at the Institute of Art and Design, TU Vienna. The aim was to develop a complete concept around the theme: "Living on the balcony" which had to be feasible and presented in a series of sketches. The focus was on creative, multi-functional and space-saving solutions for urban ‘micro-balconies’. A total of 18 team projects were drawn up and submitted by the students under the direction of Norbert Lechner and Fridolin Welte.

An expert jury awarded the winning project

The jury was made up of: Michael Meixner (Managing Director of Wohnbalkon), Ernst Huemer (Marketing & Advertising FunderMax), Karin Harather (Institute for Art and Design, TU Vienna), Isabella Marboe (Architecture Journalist) and Karin Müller-Reineke (Architect, Vana-Architekten) – Four particularly worthy and innovative projects were selected and a total of 1000 euros was awarded to the four prize winners.

Presentation of prototypes

At the awards ceremony on 1 June 2017 at Wohnbalkon and FunderMax in Wiener Neudorf, the prototypes of the four projects were presented in original size before numerous interested participants / alternative ending ‘ before an eager audience’ a bit more exciting?

  • "Kipp It" (Recognition Award for cross-cultural approach)
  • “Klapps dir zu recht” (3rd place)
  • “Sek/re/tär” (2nd place)


“Facade-Funder” (1st place)

The winning project "Facade Funder” or Fassaden-Funder " comprises of a sliding window shutter shelf, which can be mounted on a building facade, and offers space for plants and ornaments. Using the window opening and an interior table surface, this innovative minimal solution creates the impression of a non-existent balcony and serves as sun protection too. The decorative facade element isn’t just suited to new buildings, it can also be retrofitted. 

“When it comes to urban living, (small) private outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly important. Wohnbalkon is constantly looking for innovative, sophisticated solutions for miniature gardens and micro balconies. We are therefore pleased that this topic was also the subject of the student competition, resulting in creative and unique balcony furniture. "The winning project "Facade Funder / Fassaden-Funder " is characterised by its creative out of the box approach,” Michael Meixner (Managing Director of Wohnbalkon) praises the award-winning space saving solution.

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