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The Oakland Ice Box Challenge

The Ice Box Challenge experiment shows how a construction can be super energy efficient and comfortable. The idea was to build two boxes and introduce a ton of ice in both of them. After 5 days left outside in the sun, the remaining ice is weighed and the results show how a better building design can help us reduce carbon pollution. Energy-efficient homes are comfortable, quiet and healthy.

The boxes represent two standards of construction and FunderMax was featured as Rainscreen Cladding supplier in both:

  • The Code Box includes 2×6 insulated walls with 1″ continuous exterior insulation and an insulated vented roof. The windows meet the prescriptive measures as well.
  • The Passive House box is based on Bay Area Certified Passive House Projects: insulation inside the 2×6 walls, 2″ of continuous exterior insulation, insulated floor and insulated roof. This box was completely sealed with both an interior and exterior air tightness membrane, fully taped at all joints, and the windows are certified as thermal bridge free. 

Would you have guessed the final weight of the remaining ice in each box?

Check the results HERE

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