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Take a closer look at m.look - The Tides

FunderMax m.look blends fire resistance and creativity, with an extensive range of decors. Blending exceptional style and superior fire performance - with a fire classification of A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1. Where safety and innovation are key, m.look delivers.

First choice for fire resistance. First choice for creating a seamless and impactful design. m.look from FunderMax. The first choice for this inspirational Warsaw project. One of Poland’s most renowned architectural practices was recently tasked with conceiving this expansive complex in one of Warsaw’s most prestigious locations - Rudergesellschaft. Working closely with FunderMax, the architects were able to overcome a number of challenges:

‘The ability to collaborate with the manufacturer was just as important as finding the very best material for the facade. m.look, with its complementing range, available in the same decor, made it the product of choice.‘

The unique location of the Warsaw building complex, by the waterfront and close to the capital’s key transport hub, proved both an obstacle and an inspiration. The extensive plot has to serve a number of purposes: an office space and training environment for the Warsaw Rudergesellschaft, and a hotel and office complex too. For that reason, the architects opted for an impressive glass facade for the riverside - opening up a beautiful vista across the river and Poniatonski Bridge, with the National Stadium in the backdrop. The remaining facades featured a closed design.

The end result was an inspirational visual composition: a simple dark cube (the Rudergesellschaft building) and a complementing overall design, "The Tides" with its dynamic edges and bold form; gleams in a natural wood decor, for a deliberate, distinctive contrast.

Working in complete harmony with its environment, an in particular the riverside setting, the end result couldn't be more inspiring and in line with the envisaged view: Architect Jacek Świderski, who lead the project, reflects on the end result:

"The continuous support from FunderMax during planning and implementation was just as important as the collaboration with the facade builder, in terms of ensuring project success. Working in this way ensured that every detail and solution interlocked to give the best result. The materials from FunderMax have proven themselves and we are happy to recommend them for future Projects."

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Project: The Tides
Architect: Kurylowicz & Associates
Photocredit: Marcin Mularczyk