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Pathway academy of technology and design at Goodwin college

Pathways Academy of Technology and Design is a magnet school offering different programs for students from grades 9-12 in the field of technology. The school is part of Goodwin College and it is located adjacent to Route 2, at the entrance to the college campus.

Amenta Emma's Education studio was the architectural office in charge of this 81,000 sf four-story building project, where Max Compact Exterior panels were used to design the whole facade of the building and some interior wall linings. 

How Max Compact Exterior added value 

In this project, Goodwin College was looking for a highly visible and transparent building to fit the unique and playful character of their campus. Additionally, the city of Hartford wanted a stylized building that broadcasted the highly technical nature of the school's theme. 

The outside of the building presents a "je-ne-sais-qua" that undoubtedly conveys the ambience of a place advocating for innovation. The combination of greys and white of the HPL panels and the use of big glasses areas providing access to the natural light, match perfectly with an image that represents technology. At the same time, the way in which the colours and glasses are combined, creates the playful character that Goodwin College was looking for.