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Not too much, not too little, but just right!

Lagom stands for a balanced and sustainable attitude to life, in all areas.

Lagom, the Swedish lifestyle trend, aims for satisfaction and balance in every life situation. No wonder that this attitude is starting to dominate our homes and interior designs. The principle of balance is key: "Not too much, not too little, but just right. Find your inner happy medium."

With its philosophy of abandonment and sustainable living, Lagom fits well within the current zeitgeist: quality over quantity - eliminate excess.

An important criterion is the longevity and quality of the furniture. High-quality processed materials with different wood decors are integrated into the living space. Subtle natural tones dominate the space. In terms of cosiness, Lagom is similar to the Danish living and lifestyle trend Hygge. It too creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere with its calm natural tones.

At Lagom: "form follows function". You won't find an object without function or meaning in this new and almost minimalist lifestyle.

One of the basic ideas behind Lagom is sustainability - upcycling, avoiding waste as much as possible and conserving resources. An object that has neither function nor significance, won't find a place in this minimalist lifestyle. It's more about carefully choosing one favorite piece, which takes centre stage.