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nextroom products - linking architecture and industry

The product platform offers an attractive interface between the world of architecture and the world of construction. Here, architects can find precise information about the various products on offer by the construction industry.

More than half of all people now live in cities. Architecture is ubiquitous, influenced by how and where we live, work and spend our free time. The design of landscapes, infrastructure and buildings of all kinds has changed considerably over the centuries - externally and internally. Today's modern construction products are being designed to meet the demands of architecture in the present day and the future. This is all clear to see when you look at the range of products online at

nextroom products was created in co-operation between information service provider DOCUmedia and the architecture database which had been operating successfully for more than 20 years. Behind this unique collaboration lies the idea of providing architects with meaningful content from the construction industry - directly linked to architectural reference projects. Architects, planners and other interested parties can seek inspiration free of charge by the constantly updated product database. With just a few clicks, they can find high-quality editorial and imagery of all kinds, totally relevant to their needs: Interior design, floors, facades, roofs, building materials, decors and much more.

Since its launch in 2014, nextroom products has evolved into a dedicated information platform for a specific target-group. During this time, more than 1,000 reference projects have been uploaded, including relevant product information and this is just the beginning.

The editorially managed database with its detailed search function showcases the potential of building services products and solutions in a precise and concise manner. At the same time it creates a link to well documented architectural projects and facilitates the decision-making of planners and building owners. nextroom products - let yourself be inspired.

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Photocredit: (left: Tobias Braszkeit, executive director DOCUmedia; right: Jürg Meister, founder nextroom)