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Maximum elegance

Situated in the heart of Monts d’Or, this sleek and contemporary individual project works in perfect harmony with its environment. Concieved by architect Laurent Guillaud-Lozanne, this impressive private residence works on every level - in total synergy - with architectural elements which are echoed throughout.

Bringing the owners' vision to life, this stunning home has been designed with both excellent form and function in mind - from the first sketch to the ultimate realisation, it is the personification of 'attention to detail'.

Seduced and captivated by his previous projects for there diverse appeal, owner Delphine was truly impressed with the end result. 'Having visited numerous sites, none were similar, each captured the desire of the owner and had a real synergy. What has truly won us over is his ability to create modern statements without being clinical; to conjure rich and detailed 'scapes' without sacrificing simplicity and comfort.' Delphine. 

So it is, that with each turn the house conveys a real sense of space, fluidness and tranquility. Chosen not simply for its aesthetic appeal, the Max Exterior rear ventilated facade which envelopes the house ensures maximum comfort for its inhabitants. The concrete sub-structure is completely protected, thanks to these modern HPL cladding panels which create a second skin. In winter, the ambient air is never cold, conversely in summer, comfort is never compromised with overheating.

Taking full advantage of the wide open space, the architect has managed to achieve beautiful symmetry with the layout of this stunning villa. It appears to welcome the 'surveyor' and 'inhabitants' with open arms, inviting you in, exlusively and intimately. The swimming pool and its surrounding modern sculptures create an impressive focal piece. There is a clear dialogue between day and night, need and desire, this villa lives up to every expectation and demand.

The architect recalls: "We've worked in perfect symbiosis with the owners. From the ground up we've anticipated expectations and designed a home which responds to the every day needs and desires, and way of life of its owners."

This has permeated every element and finishing detail, nothing has gone unnoticed, including sun protection filters, blinds and adjustable glazing. This is where the FunderMax cladding came into its own as it allowed the architect to streamline the final aesthetics.

Architect: D.P.L.G. Laurent Guillaud-Lozanne
Finish: Max Exterior facade panels
Photography: Frenchie Cristogati
Project Details courtesy of Do Modeco
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