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Interior design which strikes a chord with children

Designed to inspire & engage - When it comes to creating the best nursery/kindergarten environments, there are so many things to consider. However there’s one over-riding factor which can’t be overlooked, and that’s colour. In order to create the most inspirational and stimulating of spaces it’s essential to anticipate how certain shades influence children.

The Passion for Pastel in Interior Design
Last year's passion for pastels is still very much alive - nowhere more so, than in education sector/nursery applications. Chamomile yellow and fresh light green shades create an uplifting and stimulating backdrop in this modern nursery. The colour of sunshine, pastel yellows are often used in such environments as the hue is associated with positivity and joy. In a similar fashion, when we think of green, images of the great outdoors, growth and harmony come to mind. It's a colour which evokes a sense of calm and serenity. It's for exactly these reasons that the interior designers have chosen such shades here. FunderMax's personalised high pressure laminate - Individual Decor provides the perfect complement to this refreshing colour palette.

FunderMax Individual Decor - digital print HPL
Because every child is different, the management consultancy SpielWERT® used personalised facade panels - Individual Decor - to create an extraordinary ambiance in this Austrian nursery. Careful attention has been paid to both exterior and interior design, with pedagogical concepts brought to life with real flare. The classroom interior design, in particular, offer a unique environment for children to flourish. This special project could be successfully implemented with the help and professional co-operation of everyone involved.

Project: Kindergarden in Haschendorf
Photocredit: Michael Markl
Installer: Rudolf Knöbl

Star Favorit Standard P2 , Max Compact Exterior | F-Quality
Surfaces: NT, Fine Hammer Embossed
Decors: 2124 Camomilla , 0039 Libero , 0112 Top White , ID Interior Individual Decor, ID Exterior Individual Decor

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