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Into the blue - Inspired by captivating seas

Evocative and alluring, there’s something deeply appealing about this season’s interior design colour trends. Moody blues and enigmatic green hues continue to dominate, bringing a sense of decadence and stature - enabling you to create the most sensory-rich spaces.

At this year’s Salone del Mobile our design team was so impressed and inspired by the sophisticated shades which leapt from every surface. Unique furniture pieces, finished beautifully with glossy Gentian Blue laminate, and beguiling emerald velvet upholstery - complemented perfectly with raw wood textures. Regardless of ever changing trends, nature remains a constant, permanently enchanting influence. 

As accent tones, or bold block colours, this palette radiates confidence, distinction and adventure, with shades translated straight from the sea and just as inviting.


Get ready to immerse yourself in FunderMax Interior Decors - inspired by the sea.