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Individual Decor projects which will leave you spellbound

Forget the tricks, this Halloween FunderMax has only treats to present you with - in the form of these fabulous Individual Decor. They may be ablaze with Halloween inspired colours and hidden surprises, but they’re all good ones!

Inspirational & intriguing Individual Decor

Regardless of your sector our customisable high pressure laminate panels allow you to inject personality into your buildings. This exemplary project showcases the potential of our customisable laminate facades. Family orientated, warm and welcoming, the silhouettes chosen by the architect here, create the perfect backdrop.

A multi-coloured marvel

Featuring a spectrum of rich and inspiring colours, this school in Sassenburg boasts an almost 'Minecraft' design with its chequered block finish. Bold blues, vibrant reds and a complementing green palette serve to create a dramatic effect which is at once inviting and evocative.

A fiery FunderMax concoction

For this contemporary commercial building, the client opted for an explosive graphic in a palette of vibrant reds and oranges. This fabulous facade demonstrates just how convincingly the most intricate designs can be re-created with our digital print high pressure laminates - Individual Decor.

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