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If you can think it, we can print it!

Jesús Jaúregui, from Traficart, is the conceptual mind behind the Indar factory and office building located in the north of Spain. Both the working nature and its surrounding environment are reflected on its personalised facade.

With gears capturing the working element, while a spectacular forest and emotive scenery have been used for the exterior and within the meeting room too.

Jesús Jaúregui really enjoys the freedom that FunderMax Individualdecor allows: "My experience with FunderMax’s material is relevant in my work since it allows me to express myself artistically, transforming my work from small designs to great architectural scales - facades! In my particular case, it makes it possible to realise the images I have created, in large format, projecting them onto panels which respect tone and resolution too. My work demands both a product and process which maintain the richness of precision and native nuances of the original creation. The digital printing work of FunderMax, as well as the composition of the final material, provide the perfect attributes to cover the need for optimum artistic quality."

FunderMax Individualdecor

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Photocredit: Jesus Jauregui (Traficart)

Architect: Jesus Jauregui (Traficart)

Owner: Indar Electric S.L.

Surface: NT