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FunderMax France is now "bio based"

Ecological change has been unstoppable since the first Kyoto agreements in 1997. FunderMax is a global player and operates in France mainly in the facade market segment. New standards and labels require us to continuously adapt our processes in order to meet our customers' expectations.

In our latest show:room interview, we spoke with Pascal Chillet, Managing Director FunderMax France, about the new bio-based certification of Max Compact panels in France and Wallonia and the importance of sustainable materials.


What role do sustainable products play for FunderMax, not only in France?

It's about much more than just certification or a good story.

FunderMax has implemented a lot in this area, for example  core kraft papers made from recycled material from Ranheim, the production of green electricity at our sites in St. Veit an der Glan and Neudörfl, or the new waste wood processing plant in Neudörfl. This proves that we are consistently pursuing this environmental approach.

What was the first step towards bio-based certification of Max Compact panels in France?

The first step was a life cycle analysis of our products called FDES. This is crucial for us as it allows us to apply for certain projects and to certain tenders that require, for example, the E + C- label  .

Thanks to the great teamwork of our technical departments in Austria and France, we received the FDES seal in spring 2020.

How did we go from life cycle analysis to KARIBATI certification?

In November 2020, the Paris Region signed a commitment to build projects with more than 70% bio-based materials. This was an exceptional opportunity for FunderMax France. We put everything that was needed on track and were able to obtain the KARIBATI seal at the end of 2020. It confirms that all Max Compact Interior and Max Compact Exterior products can be labeled as "bio-based" for France and the Wallonia region in Belgium.

What does this mean for FunderMax in the future?

We now need to actively communicate to and with decision-makers to make our holistic approach to resource conservation and sustainability, and also our willingness and ability to innovate and adapt, visible and tangible. I am convinced that by being the first major façade manufacturer to go down this path, we will be working on a number of new projects that we would not have had access to before.