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Feel GRAFICA – Grasp & Experience

Designing interiors can be like painting with different surface materials. It is good to know that we do not always have to resort to paint when designing vivid spaces. Exciting structures and natural colours can create a fantastic feeling of space.

The mix of materials creates an atmosphere, opens the space and gives an ambience which offers a feeling of security. Whether in private or in public buildings. For example, a sterile looking space such as a bathroom can become an oasis in which to indulge.

GRAFICA - An idea becomes a reality


The idea

Ideas are born in the moment. And just as instantaneously most disappear again in minutes, without ever leaving a trace. Not so with GRAFICA. This revolutionary new MFC panel, with its unique tactile finish, has broken new ground within the industry and created new design potential.

The launch

In 2014 at Cersaie, the world's most important trade exhibition for ceramics and bathroom interiors in Bologna, a trend became very visible... and it gripped the whole FunderMax team immediately.

Joint development

The idea with GRAFICA, to create a textured MFC surface inspired by concrete and stone was instantly met with enthusiasm and anticipation by the market. And with the support of our customers and suppliers we’ve been able to bring this marvellous idea to life. Get ready to experience GRAFICA!

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"This brilliant idea began, as far as I can remember, in September 2014, when we attended the internationally acclaimed Bathroom Fair, CERSAIE, in Bologna. There we saw the use of real concrete in rooms such as bathrooms. And at that moment, our idea was born."

Alessandro Zanotto, Director Furniture Industries, FunderMax GmbH


Truly tactile, Grafica boasts an almost porous finish. Reflecting light beautifully, this stunning surface works in perfect harmony with both natural and pastel shades.

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