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Discover Pastel - the road to colour

Two women and one man who are experts on pastel colours as a design element.



Pia Anna Buxbaum, architect and colour designer, composes the colour in a room.

“To deal with colours means to deal with diversity. Both with solid and

pastel colours, as well as all the shades in between. ... To face this

diversity… I call that bold.“ 

Anke Stern, interior designer, develops floor space concepts and optimises spatial functionality.

“The real challenge lies in being able to perfectly balance the two, by

truly and effectively combining solid and pastel shades.“

Johannes Zieser, architect, finds that colours form the words within the language of architecture. 

“Everyone has certain experiences with specific colours, people from

many walks of life, and many cultures and these experiences are often

very similar, but not always identical.“