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Creativity, technical ability and expressive products - The perfect combination for great results

Shapes, colours and materials convey emotions, tell stories, inspire new ideas and give our buildings character. That’s why choosing the right material is so important. FunderMax allows you to achieve exactly what you had in mind. Original projects for original creators.

In our interview with Billy Springall from Studio Springall + Lira Arquitectos, he talks about the challenge "Liverpool Toluca facade." In response to the design created by Springall + Lira, Grupo Basica® provided both design and installation consultation for the avant-garde facade which appears to move before your very eyes. The FunderMax envelope solution was 100% customised for this particular project.

Liverpool is a chain of department stores with over 100 outlets throughout Mexico. For their new location in Toluca, they wanted a unique 'stand-out' facade. To complement the organic design of the building, Liverpool Toluca searched for a material which would suit the complex geometry of the project and that, in turn, would create a sustainable, protective "casing" for the building.

"The client wanted a facade with the warmth and textural appeal of wood, one which would complement the curves of the design. For this reason we opted for a high pressure phenolic resin composite material that, within its wide range of colours and finishes, offered an option which emulated wood. We also looked for a material with extreme weather resistance and good flexibility, which is why we chose the high pressure laminate, as it not only resists impacts, but it can also bend to adapt to the geometry of the building."

A substructure was created from tubular ribs of galvanised rolled steel, in three different curved 'templates' which, once arranged in a certain combination, enabled us to obtain the complex geometry of the structure.

"In order to create the final curved design, we chose to develop a system of specialised fittings with vertical, horizontal and inclined adjustments. To this framework, we fixed an extruded aluminium profile which had already been prepped to hold the finished FunderMax panels (with specialist adhesion). This allowed us to carry out the entire design, manufacture, transportation, and installation of 4,370 m2 of facade in only 5 months!"

Thanks to its unique, original design this project has been nominated for ArchDaily's Building of the Year Award for Best Applied Products 2019.

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