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„bridge the gap” at the Biennale di Venezia

The Austrian pavilion, at the 15th Architecture Biennale 2016 in Venice, presents ‘Places for People’ – places with novel and innovative architectural solutions for people with ongoing asylum cases.

The Austrian contribution is in line with the overall theme of Biennale ‘REPORTING FROM THE FRONT’. Since the beginning of the year, architectural and design teams, nominated by Elke Delugan-Meissl, have been working in three refugee shelters in Vienna, with the aim of improving temporary accommodation for people whose asylum claims are being processed. The astonishing results of the work and the potential of architecture in social contexts will be shown to the public in Venice. The social aspect of architecture and building culture will be at the heart of the discussion.

As part of this exhibition, FunderMax supports the symposium ‘bridge the gap’ on 21st/22nd October 2016. The event will bring together architects, engineers and pedagogues. Lectures, workshops and municipal events will build bridges between people and show how your habitat can become an exciting learning space.

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