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Barcelona's subways showcase FunderMax

Due to its excellent material properties, FunderMax's 'Max Compact Interior' is often used in high traffic and transport infrastructure applications; Vienna airport for instance, and more recently in the metro stations of Barcelona.

Barcelona's metro network is growing every day; all lines are being extended to serve more users. A few months ago, two metro stations were inaugurated, giving access to terminals 1 and 2 of El Prat Airport (line 9).

Currently, the renovation of the station Besòs Mar (line 4) is about to end, with a design that will not go unnoticed: a composition of geometric shapes that combines decors 0718, 0717, 0237, 2124, 0067 and 1203 in FH surface. The new La Sagrera station will open soon, where we will also be able to see great examples of FunderMax Interior in action. 

The use of FunderMax for the interior of stations isn't something new, as it's really easy to clean and resistant to scratches and bumps - making it the perfect material for numerous applications where durability and high quality are key; such as outdoor bus stations, airport seats etc.

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