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Authentic Natura - Inspired by the power of erosion.

When it comes to designing extraordinary landscapes, there is no greater teacher than nature itself. One of the most powerful natural phenomena is the process of erosion. This weathering process creates the most bizarre masterpieces with truly unique and distinctive looks. Shimmering colours, discreet shades and strong structures deliver the finishing touches.

Water, wind & weather leave unique traces and create imposing natural formations. This natural process is a multifaceted source of inspiration for unusual - and always imposing - designs.

'Erosion creates designs that fascinate and impress both, harmoniously and authentically.'

We have encountered authentic designs in our daily lives for some time now. Rustic table tops, striking facades and wall cladding, coarsely structured furniture fronts. Powerful designs, which are based on the authenticity of nature and the process of erosion, find a tasteful application in both, building and interior design.

Authentic and natural materials are highly sought after by architects and interior designers who use them with intent and purpose. Authentic Natura from FunderMax is a material designed to simulate the natural weathering process. It is used in interior design as well as for high-quality exterior applications. Facade and wall claddings in particular show how well the material interacts with sun, wind and weather! (rk)

This is how Authentic Natura works!