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ArchDaily – The world's most visited architecture site

More than twenty-five years ago Tim Berners-Lee launched the “World Wide Web” protocol at CERN in Switzerland, ushering in the age of the Internet. Over the last two decades this global information network has rapidly evolved, increasingly influencing how architecture is conceived, produced, discussed and ultimately implemented in real space.

Ten years ago, ArchDaily was launched with one mission: to provide inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects who are challenged with designing for the world's next 3 billion urban inhabitants. With two guiding principles in mind - that little-known architects should be able to rub shoulders with architecture greats, and that all of this should be free and accessible to everybody - they set about on a path that would eventually lead them to become the world's most visited architecture website, with over 350,000 daily readers.

ArchDaily is an evolving project of the Internet - an experiment in archiving, disseminating discourse and sharing content related to architecture and urbanism on a scale that was not possible as little as two decades ago. They are continually connecting people from around the developed and developing world by building a platform which operates in four languages-Spanish, English, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese-to ensure that these discussions are available to the widest possible global audience.

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