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All aboard - Crèche Quai de l’Oise

This Parisian project, set on the edge of Canal de l’Ourcq, showcases both the creativity and design flare of the architect - Agence Ville Espace Architecture and the potential of Max Compact Exterior. The Original.

There is more to this fabulous FunderMax project than meets the eye. Hidden behind this warm and welcoming wooden decor facade, there is a magical world and an enchanting hanging garden, carefully conceived with children in mind. Taking the metaphor of a docked boat moored alongside the canal, this impressive nursery boasts magnificent attention to detail. Eye-catching with its sleek curves and contemporary contrasting finish, it cleverly overcomes numerous design challenges - a restricted footprint and multiple ground levels.

Ideas that soar

On the rooftop, while children have their own space to play outside games, photovoltaic panels allow the building to produce as much energy as it consumes; allowing the building to comply with the Climate Plan of the City of Paris. Thanks to a unique and intelligent free-cooling system concealed behind perforated FunderMax panels, the heat of summer never poses a problem Due to the nature of the site, the entire triangular plot was built to accommodate the entire program without increasing the levels.
There are dedicated spaces for play at every level, while the curved exterior is echoed inside - dictated by the desire for minimum angles. The architects have exploited this idea to the maximum, by playing with soft and welcoming 'child-friendly' play shapes in a choice of warm shades; mirroring the hues of the wooden facade.

Project details
Product: Max Compact Exterior 
Architect: Agence VEA
Photo credit - Sergio Grazia
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