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A trailer of smiles

For the past four years Engineering Smiles has been busy developing a project - to help bring smiles to developing countries - where receiving dental treatment is somewhat of a luxury. Thanks to the support of a Tucson start up, ‘Catalina Laboratory Projects’, their idea has become an impressive reality.

Sara Mantlik and a group of engineering students from the Arizona State University, created the program "Engineering Projects in Community Service” which will see this mobile dental clinic dispatched to a host hospital in Nicaragua. It will be used by IMAHelps, a California-based non-profit organisation, for humanitarian outreach in the U.S. and Nicaragua, as well as for dental student training. 

"There's no space for dentists to perform procedures because dentistry is a luxury in developing countries," said Sara Mantlik. "Dentists bring all of their own equipment and set up in the hallways or in the storage closets in the hospitals they are working at."

Catalina Laboratory Projects initially planned to donate cabinets, but after visiting the trailer, they decided to fully renovate it. "The inside of the trailer needed to be remodelled in order to be a functioning dental laboratory," said Chris Andrews of CATLABPRO.

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