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A passion for all things fresh and youthful

The bright, the bold, the beautiful and the passionate! FunderMax’s trend team found all this and more in Milan.

Milan Design Week was ablaze with refreshing new colour palettes. It’s perhaps no surprise, given that we’re always a step ahead of the latest trends, that there were also a number of shades akin to our very own Interior Collection Decors. Including our latest eye-popping update Passion and Ballerina. Inspired by nature, and powered by emotion, these uplifting and invigorating decors work particularly well in nurseries, children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms and play spaces.

"Happiness" Decors

Dedicated to creating stimulating and contemporary environments for children, Nidi are also a company which is ahead of the trends. The company name itself demonstrates its commitment to creating comforting and cosy spaces (Nidl - nest in Italian) and showcased beautiful examples of interior design for children, with stand-out models of children’s furniture.  

"When we launched Nidi, finding the right name for it was a no-brainer: this word – which means nest in Italian, describing a cosy, protected place for rearing young – pretty much sums up the sense of our Project. We initially focused on young kids and then on teens, on the way spaces influence their life. Beauty, ergonomics, safety and function are the qualities with which we design chil-dren's furniture, to make each space stimulating, inviting, safe and relaxing: the best possi-ble place for playing, sleeping, learning and growing."

Colours are key to interior design for children

Colours are key when choosing decors for children’s furniture and these two fabulous hues work just perfectly as either accent shades when balanced with neutral tones (such as greys, creams, or pastels). Or for something more dramatic they can be combined with  tones which are on the same colour spectrum.

Ballerina (0020)

Graceful and feminine this peachy hue works wonderfully in children’s interior design. Ideal  for bedroom or play room furniture and accessories, or simply as an accent colour. The psychological effects of this colour are soothing and comfortable, bringing a sense of all things sweet and fresh to your interior design.

Passion (0667)

Bring even more Passion into your interior design for children’s spaces. Named as such due to its similarity to the interior of a zesty passion fruit, this hue is compelling and capti-vating. Yellowy shades often inject a feeling of optimism and energy - again making this the perfect choice for the interior design of children’s playrooms and bedrooms.

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