The ‘feel-good’ effect

‘Haptic’, or the sense of touch, was described for the first time in 1892 by the German psychologist Max Dessoir. Now it is defined in encyclopedias as ‘understanding an object by touch’. In recent decades, within the construction and furniture design...

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Irresistible surfaces

2017 has been an exciting and important year for interior design as we’ve seen the emergence of unique and intelligent new surfaces. Staying ahead of the latest trends, FunderMax has introduced a sleek and sophisticated addition to its already impressive...

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Inspirations - Interior Range of Decors 2017

It offers a lot of great decors and surfaces - get inspired!

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Confluence India 2017

Confluence - during this annual event representatives from FunderMax India have the chance to meet their business partners.

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Feel GRAFICA – Grasp & Experience

Designing interiors can be like painting with different surface materials. It is good to know that we do not always have to resort to paint when designing vivid spaces. Exciting structures and natural colours can create a fantastic feeling of space.

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Renew. Revive. Reveal.

FunderMax renews and makes room for colour and exceptional haptic.

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Colour your room!

Discover the various possible combinations with the analogue object designer.

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