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Trending Topic: Geometry inspires the living space

Geometry creates clear structures. Effortlessness and staged minimalism deliberately focuses on the essentials and fulfills the desire of humans for safety and order. Within our living spaces, geometric forms and linear elements form the basis for stylistically confident designs and create impressive experiences.

Classic tile designs form the basis of the 'geometry look' and have always been used in the creation of exciting kitchen and bathroom design. Whether in modern lofts, sophisticated old-style apartments or spacious living rooms, linear panels and panel designs have become a real eye-catcher.

Geometrical design with high-contrast colour combinations is especially effective. Surfaces with delicate pastel colours and dark decorative joints create perfect harmony. Of course, this combination works the other way around too. Tactile surfaces, based on natural elements, continue to dominate interior design and form an ideal partnership with our new linear design ideas.

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