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Station by Fonatsch

The "Station by Fonatsch" is the first energy self-sufficient bus station in Austria. This unmistakable design not only impresses with its unique appearance, but also with its multifunctional approach.

Conventional bus shelters are often made of wood, are rather dark and their main functionality - ‘shelter’ remains at the core of the design. The Melker family business Fonatsch shows us a different way.

The bus shelter impresses with a modern design, is completely transparent and offers clear views. By night it is illuminated, which not only adds to its visual appeal - it also offers a feeling of safety and well-being. Furthermore, there are additional features such as WLAN, USB connections and e-bike charging stations - all without a connection to the grid. The energy is provided by solar cells.

Mobility is an important part of daily life and while more and more people in cities switch to public transport, a basic level of service must also be provided in rural areas.

This successful project delivers all of this!