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Hygge - Cosiness conquers our homes.

Shorter days and long nights signal the arrival of autumn, and with it colder temperatures and darkness. Luckily, a new trend is taking the interior design industry by storm - Hygge! For us, this Danish interior chic is definitely one of the favourites of this year's Wohnraum-Designs. This new style uses a combination of simplicity, comfort and cosiness to create a harmonious interior design. This article presents a few key design features that characterise Hygge.

When looking for a common definition of Hygge, you will quickly find that Hygge is not so easy to explain. There is no clear formulation of a specific architectural style. Furthermore, Hygge also does not stipulate which accessories and pieces of furniture must be in the room, nor does Hygge reveal how the room itself should be designed. It is much more about a celebration of life and cosiness. To design a home in the Hygge style has a specific purpose, to make your own home as comfortable, snug and cosy as possible, to weather those cold and dark autumn days.

The creative freedom of Hygge is right up our street! "for people who create"!

Sensual lighting accents

Hygge design favours candles or open fireplaces as sources of light and heat. The open fire gives rooms a sensual atmosphere. Subtle lights, dimmed lamps or weak indirect lighting have a similar effect. These subtle lighting accents create a comfortable and cosy ambiance and enhance personal well-being.

Few accessories

Hygge follows the principle of simplicity. Less is more - there may only be a few accessories in the room but they tend to be of high value. Rather than using many decorating elements, one particularly beautiful accessory is chosen. These exquisite pieces stand out and catch the viewer's eye instantly. Rooms are not overloaded. Older items should be removed and personal favourites should take centre stage!

Expressive furniture

To ensure homes are not looking too simple and impersonal, this Scandinavian interior design trend favours furniture with a strong character such as a heavy coffee table with wooden decor as a central decorative element or an antique chest of drawers from a different era. When it comes to the selection, Hygge is intentionally nondescript. The main aim is that the home expresses its own personality and inhabitants feel comfortable in the building.

Cosy colours

Scandinavian-oriented design has a particularly strong recognition value with natural colours being one of the main contributors to this. Shades of brown, green and blue, as well as grey and black, are used.

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