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Club Dual

In the basement of a Viennese restaurant architects from Zirup have created an exciting new club, which inspires dancers and creative minds alike.


The name "Club Dual" refers to the duality of the venue, as both a restaurant (WIRR) and club, in the heart of Vienna. During the design process, Zirup skilfully combined architectural elements, corporate design and visual art. Dominant shapes against a neutral background create sharp 2D and 3D contrasts, thus providing the perfect frame for visual statements. Furnishings are kept to a minimum to magnify the focus on strong signature designs which are projected on the surrounding surfaces.

DJ-Desk: Max Compact Interior black core, on 25 mm birch plywood
Projection surfaces: 0085 FH White Max Compact Interior, on 19 mm MDF black throughout


Zirup - vienna based creators
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Anna Niederleitner

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