Pastel - Living and designing with colour

Revive Pastel.

Revive pastel.

Living and designing with colour

Although we are constantly surrounded by colours, and colours represent an important element of our orientation, many people have limited experience of working with colour. However, with a bit of practice, we can learn to use the language of "colour" and inject our lives with atmospheric accents.

Colours are the elements of the language of design that we all understand.

An architect and expert in colour design, an interior designer and an architect discuss their experience with customers on the subject of colour. They review projects in which colours played a crucial role. 

Anke Stern, interior designer, feels that many of her fellow architects should get past their timidity in using colours, and uses colours to create zones in hospitals, in which patients and staff can better orient themselves.

Johannes Zieser, architect, knows that customers eagerly await the architect's proposal on colour design, and gives school buildings from the 70’s new life by combining white and colour.

Pia Anna Buxbaum, architect and colour designer, believes that colour should play a greater role when training architects, and designs patient rooms in a way that makes waiting pass by more quickly.

Eine Architektin, eine Innenarchitektin und ein Architekt über Farbwahrnehmung und unterschiedliche Zugänge zur Farbgestaltung

Pastell-Farben werden unterschiedlich wahrgenommen. Welchen Einfluss das auf den Umgang mit Farben bei der Raumgestaltung hat erläutern:

Johannes Zieser, Architekt, setzt auf das assoziative Denken und die Gefühle die Primärfarben bei Menschen auslösen.

Pia Anna Buxbaum, Architektin und Farbgestalterin, benutzt die Tatsache, dass die Regeln der Farbgestaltung sich zu einem großen Teil aus der Natur ableiten lassen, als wichtige Grundlage.

Anke Stern, Innenarchitektin, bewegt sich zwischen einer farbpsychologischen Herangehensweise, dem Einfluss der Farbe auf die Architektur und dem Einsatz von Materialfarben verschiedener Oberflächen.

Pastel – Living with colours: experiences and projects

Pastell – Über die Wahrnehmung von Farben




Colours provide guidance not only to visitors, in this case the patients of Wilhelminenspital hospital and their families, but also to the hospital staff.




Anke Stern



"In some instances I would argue that architects may not fear the use of colour but instead have certain reservations because of their lack of competency. The fear of making a mistake with colour or choosing the wrong colour is still fairly common. I feel that in some cases this is unfounded."

Johannes Zieser




Johannes Zieser



"The school centre Horn was looking to expand its large existing school with an additional new build. At the same time, they planned to give the entire building - a building from the seventies – a new identity. For the outside, we limited ourselves to the colour white [...]. We also installed artwork along several walls of the hallways. The artwork was created from video footage of all the pupils of the school, from which blurred images were taken and placed on a bright orange background."

Pia Anna Buxbaum




Pia Anna Buxbaum



"Another special feature of this practice is that on the ceiling of the treatment area, a ceiling fresco was created. Now patients have something to look at, to be inspired by, to dream about and they can be entertained whilst they are treated."

Anke Stern