The ‘feel-good’ effect

‘Haptic’, or the sense of touch, was described for the first time in 1892 by the German psychologist Max Dessoir. Now it is defined in encyclopedias as ‘understanding an object by touch’. In recent decades, within the construction and furniture design...

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Hygge - Cosiness conquers our homes.

Shorter days and long nights signal the arrival of autumn, and with it colder temperatures and darkness. Luckily, a new trend is taking the interior design industry by storm - Hygge! For us, this Danish interior chic is definitely one of the favourites of this...

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ArchDaily – The world's most visited architecture site

More than twenty-five years ago Tim Berners-Lee launched the “World Wide Web” protocol at CERN in Switzerland, ushering in the age of the Internet. Over the last two decades this global information network has rapidly evolved, increasingly influencing how...

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zirup vienna based creators / www.zirup.at

Club Dual

In the basement of a Viennese restaurant architects from Zirup have created an exciting new club, which inspires dancers and creative minds alike.

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Not too much, not too little, but just right!

Lagom stands for a balanced and sustainable attitude to life, in all areas.

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A trailer of smiles

For the past four years Engineering Smiles has been busy developing a project - to help bring smiles to developing countries - where receiving dental treatment is somewhat of a luxury. Thanks to the support of a Tucson start up, ‘Catalina Laboratory...

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Classic white metro tiles for kitchens & bathrooms

Classic white tiles can be found in some of the world's most stylish kitchens and bathrooms... actually made their first appearance in Parisian subways in the early 1900’s. Hence the name ‘metro tiles.’

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PLATEAU - outsider's innovation

An innovative outdoor furniture for social interaction as a nice alternative to the traditional picnic table.

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Into the blue - Inspired by captivating seas

Evocative and alluring, there’s something deeply appealing about this season’s interior design colour trends. Moody blues and enigmatic green hues continue to dominate, bringing a sense of decadence and stature - enabling you to create the most sensory-rich...

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Inspired by STRUCTURE

...STRUCTURE Get inspiration by exploring the visual experience of textured objects.

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