Renewal for all senses

See, feel and hear renewal!

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Voice of renewal - Christian Kröpfl

The rejuvenation has begun.

Scavolini (www.scavolini.de)

Interior Trends: Wooden decors

Wooden decors - just for furniture and floors? Look again.

Voice of renewal - Thomas Wawris

White animals are regarded as divine creatures. In Christianity the Holy Spirit is associated with a white dove. In India, white cattle. In China, herons and crested ibis, and in Thailand, white elephants are seen as divine animals.

The symbolism of white

The colour white evokes different motives. Culture in particular has a specific influence on the symbolism. Depending on the country and its cultural background different colour symbolisms exist. The colour white is often seen in a positive context.

White: More than a colour

White is not a colour in the true sense of the word because white is not a spectral colour. It is a mixture of all colours visible to the human eye.

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White Paper

A piece of white paper forms the starting point for designs by architects Thomas Wawris, Christian Kroepfl and Martin Luptacik who were interviewed exclusively for FunderMax. When asked about design in an interview with the magazine "Architecture and Design"...