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What does it take to be an original?

The Original doesn't pretend

It simply is what it is. There are so many interpretations when it comes to what makes an original an original. For us, original projects connect and resonate. They are individual, authentic, confident and genuine. This particular building is a shining example of originality. Using Max Exterior Authentic Natura, chosen for their unique and natural finish it radiates calm and serenity. Without a decor finish, each panel becomes completely unique, ageing beautifully with time and offering eye-catching appeal.  

The fabulous setting of MUK alone provides an idyllic backdrop for recuperation, yet when combined with an aesthetically impressive design and an evocative 'breathing' facade, the overall effect is truly stunning.

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Specifics of the project:
Architects: DI Andreas Hörl / Arch. DI Robert Reichkendler | Mahore Architects
Installers: Manfred Hirschbichler Zimmerei und Treppenbau GesmbH
Product: Max Exterior | F-Quality | Surface NT
Décor: AUTN Authentic Natura