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The Original does not pretend.

Credible. Reliable. Pure. Dependable. Real. Sincere. Pertinent. Legitimate.

Authentic designs bring everything together. There's cohesion: a balance and understanding between form and function. The interior complements the exterior, and real integrity exists between the aesthetic, the idea; and the final reality. It delivers on its promise - harmonising concept and reality. And when the architecture of something marries perfectly with the intended purpose, the concept suddenly becomes credible.

An example is an observation deck in Spain. The idea was to enlarge the existing road Sierra de Santa Pola, which leads to various monuments, with an observation deck. In recent years there has been an increased inflow of athletes and tourists in this area. The chosen material is perfect for the unique landscape with a high natural value.

The architecture of the MUK practice, for another example, with its sleek, striking clean lines, is complemented beautifully by its crisp, spaciously designed interior - carefully crafted to let the light flood in. It has true authenticity.

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