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Truly individual family homes

We’re really proud to present this stunning portfolio of family homes, which exude warmth and character, featuring some of the most modern and captivating wood hued Max COmpact Exterior decors. The overall effect is really impressive.

Characterful wood toned decors, sleek slate greys and solid modern shades

Wood decors are very much at the forefront of today's modern exterior design world. And here they've been given their full glory thanks to the creative know-how of The Toth Project Architects and FunderMax Max Compact Exterior. The texture and depth that these rainscreen facades offer are convincingly natural, whilst the structural design of each family home invites fresh perspectives from each angle. Beautiful decking and attentive landscaping all serve to create the most perfect, distinctive family homes clients can't wait to return to.

About Toth Project Architects

The Tóth Project Architect Office understands the idea of home as a complex set of requirements. However the most important aspect to never overlook is the idea of 'living space'. A home must perfectly satisfy the aesthetic and functional needs of the client. The outer appearance and the interior design must also marry and are of crucial importance to the designer.

Decors: Carbon Grey (0070), Pebble Grey (0742), Natural Oak (0125), Walnut Tirano (0797), Voyager (0935)Surfaces: NT, NG

Photocredit: Bujnovszky Tamás

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