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Individualisation is one of today's megatrends: Custom-made products range from foodstuffs such as muesli, shoes and clothing to interior and façade design. For more than 15 years, FunderMax, together with the Viennese printing studio "Salon Iris", has been offering the opportunity to create tailor-made solutions thanks to individual printing.

Photographer and entrepreneur Stefan Fiedler is considered a pioneer in Digital Fine Art Printing. In the early 1990’s he encountered the Iris 3047 digital proofing machine live in action on a trip to the USA. To this day the Iris is renowned as one of the earliest and ‘original’ inkjet printing systems for high-quality prints. He immediately fell in love with the technology and brought it with him to Europe.  Since 1996 he and his team have been developing innovative solutions in Digital Fine Art Printing.

In the early 2000’s FunderMax started to expand its product range with digitally printed decors. Stefan Fiedler came to know about this development through an architect friend and so the collaboration began.  Stefan Fiedler remembers this time: “In the beginning there were difficulties because there wasn’t any kind of standardised system", Inkjet-capable decor papers and special inks had yet to be developed. But the joint research and development was a complete success - two years later the first interior products could be designed with Individual Décor. What worked in the interior sector was also to be made possible in the exterior sector. For Max Compact Exterior, the individual decors also had to be light and weather resistant. Since then the success of this collaboration has been proved time and again by the numerous exterior projects that have been individually designed with individual motifs.

The great desire for individualisation worldwide is shown by the wealth of different projects that have already been realised with FunderMax Individual Decor: Table tops, underground metro stations, wall coverings, information boards on nature trails, partition walls, facades and also art projects. In 2006 Stefan Fiedlier realised a very special project: The refurbishment of the French TGV trains. The design was conceived by the famous fashion designer Christian Lacroix. Hundreds of trains were equipped with individually designed tables and partitions.

“Those who are interested shouldn’t shy away from realising their own ideas. We are also happy to establish contact with creative people such as photographers and designers in order to support the implementation. Creative potential should be nurtured! Because well processed motives create projects which are unique". This is the advice from Stefan Fiedler for those who would like to create something with a very different and individual touch.

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