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Sodus High School: A Different Concept for an Educational Building

Whether it is a new educational facility or the renovation of an existing one, the fundamental purposes of this type of constructions demand a material that will perform against the impact of thousands of students that will walk in and out of the building over many years.

A new educational facility or the renovation of an existing one… the fundamental purpose of buildings of this type, demands a material that will stand the test of time.

Educational buildings witness the comings and goings of a multitude of students, parents and faculty members each day. The design of these buildings plays an important role in students’ lives by offering them a comfortable and aesthetic environment that promotes learning and growth.

It is easy to look at educational buildings as being basic with straight lines and simple designs, lacking the creative touch progressive architects can bring to them.

The Sodus High School Project, an SEI Design Group project, is a great example of creativity and progressive design. The SEI Design Group made the decision to give shape and texture, by designing a creative canopy and decorative roof structure which has become the “crown jewel” of projects in the area.



As architect Gian-Paul Piane puts it: “The Max Compact Exterior panels helped us transform what was an uninviting and deteriorating school entrance into a highly modern canopy that not only enhanced the exterior aesthetics, but also maximised natural daylight and improved the interior environment.”

This one of a kind architecture creates a magnificent visual effect, with a unique bird’s eye perspective. Its geometrical/triangular roof sections resemble a 3D puzzle and can be viewed from the upper floor windows of the school as two immense flying wings.


Photocredit: SEI Design Group