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The city is in a hurry. It’s floating in a romantic walk. It’s laughing with crystal of carefree childhood and resting on the benches of acquired wisdom ...

This happens almost everywhere.

But it is Dnieper (Ukraine) where anyone can stop for a few minutes or even hours and make something one’s own, express oneself by creating a bright graphic image on #pixelwall right in the middle of the city!

Pixelwall fills the city with art that is changing permanently and is accessible to everyone. The wall joins the history and fixes it at the same time. "Complicated and simple.

Unique and obvious! Incomprehensible and inspiring! Alive and modern!" – as one of its authors writes about the wall.


One side of the wall is a projection screen for broadcasting unique interactive content presented by Nikolay Kabluka.

1200 engraved prism that are made of HPL Fundermax panels and manufactured by Budivelna Zirka - official representative of the FunderMax plant in Ukraine.

The authors of the idea -
Implementation and engineering - Max Goldin
The designer of the unique map of the Dnieper that is placed on the blue facets and opens all the sights of the Dnieper - Vadim Gannenko.
The metal part is constructed by Konstantin Mikhalchenko team.