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Pioneering materials for the lab industry

Here at FunderMax, collaboration and a kindred spirit is very much at the heart of everything we do. So when we were approached by Lukas Hutter & BioLab, to help create a series of container biolabs for Open Cell, using our Max Resistance 2 lab grade laminates, naturally we stepped up to the plate.

In the heart of West London there is a pioneering and expansive project underway; a village is being built from 45 freight containers. A village which will pave the way for new initiatives in the field of bio-technology. As one of the most active biotech research landscapes, London serves as the natural base for this ground-breaking bio-lab development.

Why & how was FunderMax involved? 
One of the instrumental developers at BioLab, is fellow Carinthian, Lukas Hutter. Knowing already, full well of the technical ability and quality of FunderMax products - specifically lab grade compact panels - he turned to us to help furnish the container labs. 

‘The team at Bio Lab came together for two weekend workshops and several evening-filling Skype-calls in which we discussed, refined and re-arranged workbenches, appliances and shelving. The space is approximately 12 x 2.2 m in size and needs to accommodate a sink, -80°C freezer, -20°C freezer, fridge, chemical fume hood, BSL2 cell culture hood, CO2 incubator, autoclave as well as space for four people to work and move around.We built some room dividers out of wood and cavity-plates, then focused our efforts on our modular lab bench. The material for the benches was kindly sponsored by Fundermax. It’s their Max Compact Resistance² lab grade material, which is specifically made for tough lab environments. It’s incredibly durable and resists most chemicals. In addition, it has a gorgeous look and feel. Thanks again, Fundermax! We got the pieces cut with the help of Vladimir at Building BloQs, who are based in North London.’ - Lukas Hutter

FunderMax was more than happy to help this young team of scientists by supplying its lab grade HPL free of charge -  Managing Director, Rene Haberl had this to say about the project: In circumstances such as this,  FunderMax is content to donate products. "FunderMax is at the heart of research: We’re constantly investing in research and development and are pleased to support this team in realising its research dream, and which has its roots in Carinthia."

More about Lukas Hutter - Systems Biologist, Chemist & Data Scientist 

Lukas first trained as a chemist at Graz University of Technology and conducted research on optical chemical sensors, nanoparticles and functional ceramics. He then switched to systems biology and recently finished his PhD at University of Oxford. With his know-how and dedication he has already caused a stir far beyond the borders of Austria – something much akin to our company ethos! 

Photocredit: Ralf Bliem/Biotop
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