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Original by nature

Essential. Iconic. Impressive. Pure. Inspired and surrounded by nature, «Futuro Park» is a housing development like no other. Impressive in its radiance, it has been created using the complete ‘wood decor’ palette from our Max Exterior collection. Each and every shade has been incorporated to stunning effect for this contemporary new housing development.

An original setting

Bordered by forest, golf course, open woodlands and featuring beautiful landscaped gardens this exceptional setting demanded style, which would work in harmony with its backdrop and a modern architectural design blend with dependable technical detail. Set in the countryside, yet just 25 minutes or so from the Moscow City, residents of the "Futuro Park" can enjoy an easy commute, while the entrance to the park itself offers a sense of calm and space with its large open roads and private parking lots.

Original wood-decor facades

Created in an array of different wood colour tones, the overall effect is warm and welcoming. Everything about this latest Russian project is original. Each individual wood-decor offers something new and unique: warm red wood tones complement more yellowy 'beech' shades, whilst contrasting grain designs offer a sense of individuality. "Futuro Park" is equally impressive in its magnitude, boasting 17,8 hectares, 40,000m2 of Max Compact Exterior high pressure laminate, and comprising of a mix of more than 300 residential buildings: three-storey townhouses, two-storey townhouses and apartments.

A unique collaboration - Dekotech Engineering

The collaboration between FunderMax and its strategic partner Dekotech Engineering continues to blossom as more and more extraordinary projects are being realised. "Futuro Park" is one of the most outstanding and original to date. To meet the high spec demands of the customer, only wood decors from the FunderMax Exterior collection have been used.

Co-author of the project, Helen Kozlovskaya says: "We chose Max Compact because of the wealth of choice of decors in combination with its functional security. To my knowledge this project is the only one worldwide in which all FunderMax wood decors are shown in one location."

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