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Old and new worlds collide

In Ranggen, Tyrol, you will find a remarkable residential property: a new extension which was carefully developed on top of an old building. The interior construction featured FunderPlan, a statically reliable Biofibre Panel.

This was a revelationary revitalisation: The new owner of this intriguing old residential property in Ranggen, to the west of Innsbruck, requested that the existing structure remain. However, at the same time, the plan dictated the need to significantly increase the usable living space, by building an extension on top of the existing building. Of course, the result had to be ecological, homely and beautifully sympathetic. To achieve this, carpenter firm Pertl chose a combination of FunderPlan for the interior and antique wood for the exterior of the extension.

Ing. Robert Pertl, owner of carpenter firm Pertl (situated in walking distance from the project), comments: "A challenge like this is both rare and appealing. As for the choice of materials. We opted for FunderPlan  for the interior of the building - a material which we knew and valued having used it on previous projects." 

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