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JUNO - A new refuge that captivates with exceptional architecture

Students of architecture and social sciences at the University of Applied Sciences of Carinthia worked together on a special project with JUST to create a new facility for JUNO Klagenfurt.

The Jugendnotschlafstelle (JUNO) Klagenfurt provides young homeless people shelter and a temporary place to sleep. This refuge offers protection, washing facilities as well as nourishment. The people affected also receive support to help them stabilise their lives before they are transferred to suitable care facilities. Those affected seek stability and support. All of which they’ll find at JUNO Klagenfurt.

Magnifying Glass and Mirror

Designed by Artist and Stage Designer Edgar Sorgo, the impressive exterior of the JUNO building stands out:


"The structure of the facade surface allows for conclusions to be drawn on the assembly of the containers inside the building. The solid material surface and the hidden, mobile container construction reveals a morphological "insight" - a sociological aesthetic of their temporarily precarious inhabitants: the homeless youths of the city, even if the outer surface is not transparent. If one views homelessness as a drama, then the facade offers a constructive staging of matt and glossy surfaces, of corners and edges, of the outer skin of the Jugendnotschlafstelle, urbanised in the context of two temporary urban spaces: on the one hand, the exhibition area of the city, a place of representation, of spectacle and productions. On the other side the main train station, an area of constant arrivals and departures."

FunderMax provided the Max Exterior facade panels and thus helped to shape this new facility. The high-quality materials combined with artistic know-how created a building that reflects the current situation of the homeless youths and at the same time provides security.

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