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Individuality knows no bounds

The backdrop to this beautiful project couldn’t be more idyllic. Set against a luscious green forest and rolling fields, not to mention a perfect blue sky… it’s almost the stuff of fairytales. The overall composition is just magnificent.

Created using FunderMax’s Max Exterior in natural wood shades, this carefully conceived villa boasts a unique design. Bold in its outlook with its captivating geometric form, this con-temporary home demands to be noticed. Designed to offer a weathered look, these warm and welcoming wood toned panels are complemented with a number of ‘reveals’ which give the viewer a flash of the building’s contemporary red and white interior.

There’s something very raw and urban about this project from Bruno Pantz - stand-out as always his architecture is. It makes a real statement. The soft natural tones of its exterior are complemented by eye-catching modern hues to the interior. Brazen reds and pristine white Max Interior HPL panels offer a contemporary edge, whilst floor to ceiling modern glazed units - spanning the whole length of the living area - allow light to flood in. The clever use of glass panelling inside also adds to the generous sense of space. Contemporary and formidable, it is however a home with a clear conscience.

The architect's vision

A labour of love between the client and the architect, the idea behind this striking individual project was not simply to just create a beautiful home. The objective was also to create a house which would give something back, hence why all of the materials were carefully chosen. The layout was also an aspect attentively considered, with its south facing orientation and geo-thermal heating. The end result is a successful synthesis between the highest environmental standards and the most exacting contemporary design. 

About the architect

Bruno Pantz has a clear vision and powerful opinion on architecture; you only have to take a look at his website to understand that he has an individual and refreshing attitude. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks and this confident style permeates his projects, including this fabulous bespoke home which showcases FunderMax architectural panels perfectly.

More Details about the project

Max Compact Exterior & Max Compact Interior
Maison Neuve St Cyr au Mont d’or
Architekt: Bruno Pantz unter Mitarbeit von Clément Josse B,
Pantz Architect -
Fotograf: Erick Saillet