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Handgedacht - with hand and head

With hand and head: Handgedacht in Vienna is not just a name but also a philosophy. Unlike traditional set ups, here design and production go hand in hand without clear divisions between designers and carpenters. This is made possible thanks to a unique sense of community, a synergy between interior design, furniture design and craftsmanship.

Handgedacht. Is the brainchild of Moritz Schaufler, Martin Aigner and Benjamin Sodemann. All three are carpenters, and all three have made carpentry the central focus of their design studies such as interior architecture or product design. Thanks to this breadth of experience and versatility, Handgedacht is able to offer a unique blend of design, planning, execution, production and assembly of furniture and interior spaces - in a variety of categories and concepts, in short, something for everyone. One of these concepts is called "Patchworkdesign". This concept utilises the different resources that are at a client's disposal.

"Patchworkdesign is based on the idea of utilizing the client's resources such as time, old furniture, money and other synergies to create a design which is integrated into the overall business model. This results not only in design spontaneity but also a balanced use of the client funds." 

A great example of this is the project "Raum in Raum". As the name suggests, in effect, we're creating an office within an office. Creating additional space, but space, which is integrated in the existing space, bright and functional. Actual off-cuts from other pieces of furniture were used, and wonderfully recycled to create an extraordinary workplace with plenty of storage and maximum seclusion.

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