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'Handgedacht': Handmade Kitchens

A perfect kitchen must fulfil so many different expectations: it should be functional, of the highest quality and of course boast a great design. This kitchen from Handgedacht delivers on all fronts with its Max Compact & Star Favorit finish.

The clients who commissioned this kitchen sought a solution which would be bright, yet intimate and perfect for enjoying the morning sun. They also wanted to be able to take in a view of the garden whilst working in the kitchen - which created the ‘kink‘. In order to create a structural separation between the dining area and the kitchen, the kitchen was built on a pedestal. But this also served a very important technical function, as the water pipes were cleverly concealed within it. 

The ‘Shrine‘ (a box which contains a coffee maker, pans etc.) was modelled on a tool box. When working in the kitchen, it can be opened easily to ensure that everything is at hand and clearly arranged. After the cooking, it can be closed again – to leave the kitchen clean and tidy and restore a calm and orderly environment. A lot of thought went into the concept of the drawers which were designed from the inside out. This means that the focus was on the content rather than the drawers themselves.The content determined the overall sizes and as a result the front view reveals slightly different sized draws. 

FunderMax's durable and easy-to-clean materials combine aesthetic design with long-lasting product quality. Everything in this kitchen fulfils the functional and aesthetic demands of the clients and the architects from Handgedacht, without compromise. 


Concept: Handgedacht
Material: Max Compact, Star Favorit

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