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Good enough to eat

When it comes to running a successful restaurant, the interior design and furnishings are equally as important as the delicious meals you serve. Which is why it pays to choose wisely. This is exactly what the owners of Zona Diesel in Vic (Barcelona, Spain) have done.

FunderMax’s Max Compact has proved a great choice, standing up to the demanding pace of this busy business, where meals are served daily to so many customers. Highly resistant, it looks just as good 2 years on as it did the first day it was installed - thanks to its easy care-free maintenance. 

They made a great design bet; reforming the cafeteria with a stand-out combo of bright blue and yellow chairs, and eye-catching tables boasting personalised digital prints. Previously they'd tried various techniques in order to print directly onto the tables, only to repeat the process again and again because the quality simply wasn't good enough and the images faded. Now, thanks to Individualdecor (personalised high pressure laminates), the finish is not only really resistant, visually the images are perfect too.

Greatly appreciated, and serving as a fantastic talking point for customers, the personalised digital print HPL features photos of the surrounding Vic area and landscapes, as well as produce and events.

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