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FunderMax more than makes the grade for Yorkshire schools.

Re-energised and re-focused... This term, it isn’t just Yorkshire’s pupils who’ve returned refreshed, but the schools themselves. Working in collaboration with distribution partner Vivalda Hull, FunderMax is proud to have played a vital role in revitalising these modern buildings.

Dean Trust Academy

With decors specifically designed to capture the essence of the school’s brand, this fabulous education sector project showcases FunderMax F-Quality Exterior HPL cladding in classic red and contemporary grey shades. (Colour: Rubinus Red 3003 NT, Carbon Grey 0070 NT).

Samuel Lister Academy

Paying hommage to this year’s revered colour ‘Greenery’ The Samuel Lister Academy boasts a fresh and youthful facade in contrasting dark green, pale olive and petrol green shades. Carbon grey and petrol green panelling give the Sports Centre a professional, contemporary edge. (Colours: Max Exterior: Dark Green 0059 NT, Pale Olive 0611 NT, Petrol Green 0617 NT, Carbon Grey 0070 NT, Petrol Green 0617 NT.)

Beckfoot Upper Heaton

Designed to inspire and engage, the colour palette chosen for Beckfoot couldn’t have been more appropriate. Dove blue, petrol green and pebble grey create a welcoming and uplifiting facade for this modern school building. (Colours: Dove Blue 0703 NT, Petrol Green 0617 NT, Pebble Grey 0742 NT).

This extensive project (part of The Priority Schools Building Programme PSBP*), is still currently in full flow, and will see the transformation of 7 Yorkshire schools and academies - showcasing Max Exterior NT rainscreen cladding in a captivating collection of contrasting contemporary shades.

*The Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP) is an initiative set out to support school developments within nominated areas of the UK.

The role of colour in education architecture and design

The choice of colour for education sector builds is really important and a great deal of research has been carried out into the effect of specific shades. As Sylvia O’Brien asserts ‘School entrances & hallways are a great platform to show school colours’, reating a sense of community.

The use of strong colours helps to uplift energy, which can then be balanced with more calming neutral shades within the building itself. It might be surprising to learn that age has an impact too. According to Frank Mahnke (Colour, Environment & Human Response) ‘Pre-school & elementary students prefer the warmer side of the palette (red/orange/yellow) while high school & post secondary level gravitate towards the cooler side of the colour wheel (blue/green mauve).

These cooler tones help support study & increase calm, and works not only with focus but levels out hormones too! It’s interesting to note that the shades chosen by the architect and developer are tones which uphold the same notion. Red stimulates, empowers and unifies (Dean Trust Academy), whilst green tones project a sense of calm and serenity (Beckfoot School Rest Area).

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